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Talking Centuri Lancer KD-1 patterns needed, please

Okay, so my old-school rocketry obsession this week is the KD-1 Centuri Lancer, from their "Stellar" line:

I'm wondering if anyone has fin and decal scans. (Carl? You've got connections with the folks at Penn Valley Hobby Center, don't you? I seem to recall that they had one or two of these.) I can extrapolate the rest of the parts list, since I bought an original Centuri Lancer when it first came out back in 1975. I seem to recall that there were 3 basswood strips you were supposed to line up with the fins....

And while we're at it, I suppose it would be good to compile data on the 2-stage "Lance Corporal" version KD-11 (not to mention the lower stage fin pattern, too).

Actually, as is the case with other recent projects of mine, I'm actually more interested in building 137% upscales (from ST-7 to ST-10).

(Ben Stein voice) "Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?"

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