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Originally Posted by metlfreak
Hey guys I saw on here where someone was going to make an upscale Ram Jet. I have also thought about this. Looks like I can get everything from semroc. however im having a little trouble getting the fin patterns (both inside and outside) just wondering if anyone has them. Also isnt there a computer program that makes it really easy for upscaling and designing rockets?
Sorry for all the questions ive been out of the loop for about 4 years. im just getting back into the hobby again.

That may have been me. I've finished a BT-80 upscale of the Ram Jet. It's been a little damp around here for the last month and I haven't been able to paint it yet. You can find the original kit plans, fin patterns, measurements, and decals here:

The decals are a little funky on this site but I redrew them to suit me, probably not the best, but they work for me. They are attached at the bottom of this post. They are original scale.

You can print your own decals, you can get waterslide decal paper from various sources on the internet or your local hobby shop may have some. I don't know if Gordon (sandman) has these decals on his site:

but he can probably make them for you if he doesn't, if you want to go that route.

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