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Originally Posted by Ltvscout
Unfortunately, I can't update the old YORP site anymore which is why it has been stagnant so many years. Go ahead and post them to this thread. If when you go to post you find they're too big (over 2mb in size), email them to me and I'll get them posted here.

Thank you!


Originally Posted by 5x7
The Liquidator was nice because you could easily mod the D mount for E9s and load up the payload to fly in small fields. Jello was a favorite with my kids.

This Super Nova Payloader and the Blue Ninja and the Firebolt all use the same two inch long "engine block". Easy conversion to an E-capable mount, just use half of it. I glued up the motor mount assembly for the SNP last night and did it that way.

It also has a 12 inch long (!!) PST-55 payload tube. Talk about room to load stuff up.
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