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Originally Posted by Earl
On the cover page is Larry Brown holding a Pteradactyl glider. The other person at the launch rack I do not know.

On page two (inside left page as it is opened) shows a fairly young Grant Boyd with an Aerodart on an LIA-77 launcher. I understand that Grant passed away in May, 2018 from Parkinson's Disease in Arizona.

The final item is a scan of an Enerjet shock cord fastener.


Judging by the hair color and stature, I can almost bet the "other person" in the picture is Bob DelPrincipe. Bob had a hand in a lot of Centuri designs like the Fighter Fleet.

I found this Grant Boyd business card going through some stuff the other day. (See below)

The Centuri Shock Cord Fasteners were great - for a while! The peel and stick adhesive could loosen from the inside of the body tubes.
Centuri had to add an addendum to their kits saying to press the fastener back down with the back end of a pencil (the eraser) before flight.
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