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The U.S. Rockets site and all my sites are down for now. I had a security issue with a raging evil criminal family member (Brian) and have elected to change my passwords and access methods because I am certain they had physical access to my main computer at some point and intention to do harm (alleged industrial espionage). That sad story being told and Erika being at the center of it, I will be reuploading the content to about 50 sites during the coming week. I believe all stable URL's will remain valid so all bookmarks and online references should be valid. I managed to have the first rocket website in 1992 and I managed to have stable URLs since then.

Thank you to YORF for being the exclusive site I have live access to my collegues to report this news. That is valuable to me and I sincerely appreciate it. Tell me where to send the check or Paypal.

It's no coincidence this happened just during the rollout of our new spacecraft product line (orders!!) and DOT/ATF/FAA/NFPA/NAR/TRA exempt thruster product line. I might capitulate and make a proper website for that since all it does is take orders. My other sites could accurately be called data reference sites which incidentally offer product if you ask politely by email and love rockets. The email might also be dead right now but my primary is live (initiated 1995).

Thank you so much for your prompt and timely interest. Put down the glue and sandpaper and watch the Superbowl. It is your patriotic duty to watch **** wiggle during the halftime show. Have some friggin priorities gents!

Just Jerry 760-267-3393
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