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As stated in post #1:

Anybody have an Israel Aircraft Industries logo, electronically? I can find Israel Aerospace Industries, but not the older version.

Anybody able to find a clearer picture of the vehicle? A truly clear photo would be a godsend!

"The vehicle," in this case, is the first Shavit, which launched Ofeq-1. I basically assume, given the secrecy surrounding this vehicle, that nobody will have bona fide scale data!

As for data I have, I have posted before about the wonderful Norbert Bruegge page. That was the first link Teflon posted above. What Teflon DIDN'T link was the RSA LV page:

This vehicle (RSA-3) is clearly a Shavit, right down to the unique one-piece payload fairing only the Israelis use. Note you can actually see and estimate the correct fin shape (a bit smaller than they are usually drawn). For giggles, the "RSA-4" at the bottom of the page is the hypothetical version with the Castor 120 booster.

Hopefully this is clearer now. Clarity is, after all, what I seek. My kingdom for a clear photo!
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