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I've been really stoked the past few days thinking about these items and I finally got in touch with my father and spoke to him for a while about the short time he worked for Boeing at Michoud. Seems the budget cuts were already surfacing and he told me he was laid off in 1969 after S-IC-6 was already finished and shipped to the Cape, actually just a very short time prior to the July 16th Apollo 11 launch. He didn't think much about saving the envelope and the letter other than it was a cool little item and said some of the guys even threw them away. The covers were different in the image and the Boeing cover is somewhat unique. I found others in internet searches with the three astronauts on the cover, and another with the LM but the one with the Saturn V and "You Too Are Making History" must have been the unique printing for Boeing employees. I found a website the other day that sells one cover version for around $55 to $60 mounted in a frame.

I was interested and searched for a few images of the Michoud plant and found a few nice images on the NASA NTRS {NASA Technical Report Server} and I copied him an email with the images to see what he would say.

He described working on the boosters laid horizontal after the five F1 engines were installed. I found images on NASA of just that.

I wish I could walk into work and see that!

Enough dreaming ..... I need to get back to building some rockets!

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