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Originally Posted by gpoehlein
OK, gang - I'm going WAY back for this one. In the 1960 Estes catalog on Ninfinger, there are no rocket kits listed, and only a few parts. These include the BT-1 (ID=.750", OD=.840"), the BT-2 (ID=.720", no ID listed), a PNC-1, PNC-2 and a plastic fin unit PF-1. It also lists a plan book titles "Model Rocketry" that includes plans for three rockets: Arrow-C, Sky Bird, and Orange Bullet. I know there are plans for two of those rockets that were part of the Design of the Month collection, but they were apparently redesigned using current Estes Parts (BT-50, etc). The Dirty Bird plans do show both the fin unit and the long ogive cone used, and those are listed as BT-40 (which the 1963 catalog gives somewhat different dimensions for than the BT-1).

Bottom line - does anyone have any information on any of these parts, models or plans? Tubes are easy enough to roll, and the plastic parts can now be 3D printed. Anyone interested in resurrecting a really long dead bit of history here?

BT-1 was surplus of Model Missiles body tube, later renamed BT-40.

BT-2 was a tube that, initially, Gleda rolled out of mimeograph stencil backing paper, then manilla folder paper, on a jig that Vern built. They eventually got a company to produce it regularly for them, and that was what became BT-30.

The plastic parts were pretty standard fireworks parts that fit the BT-1/BT-40. I saw these very same parts on fireworks rockets until at least 2000. Those molds probably wore out, and there are now parts made from new molds that look similar, but are not exactly the same. The long flexible gray vinyl nose cone also came from Model Missiles. I'm pretty sure it was custom made for MMI (for Aerobee-Hi and Arcon), but don't know for sure.
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