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Originally Posted by Earl
... post a few more closeup photos of the details on this model...


Thank you, Earl;

As mentioned in my earlier post, I'd like to scribble out a couple more articles covering the booster and the HoJo-Nike adapter. The HoJo-Nike adapter is, in my view, the most complicated part of the model, and it consumed, by far, the most amount of time in its construction as compared to other parts of the model.

The reason for that resides in the manner in which the prototype adapter was constructed. It's a unique and somewhat of a Frankenstein assembly, as it mates two completely dissimilar entities from different round families that, before someone got the idea to bolt things together, were never intended to be married. It's these unique adapters that make so many of the multi-stage sounding rockets so interesting, in my view.

I've posted below a few photos of this adapter to highlight the point. Please forgive the various blemishes; the model took a few scuffs and paint chips coming out of the launch tower.
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