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Thanks Greg. I have had my fair share of trouble in the past don't get me wrong. I'm not a saint.

However the last time I got in it it was with a vendor who used smear tactics against a good friend who was one of his competitors. He constantly claimed my friend's system and product would cause failure in a RC model .

None would stand up to him. I did. And all I said on that particular forum was that he wasn't being fair and didn't have the experience to make such a claim. I asked him to come clean and admit it to which I got up one fine day to a knock on my door and I was served. As it turned out this person plays this way and had the money to back himself up. Which taught that freedom of speech sometimes only comes at a price these days.

He never did follow through with it and as it tuned out he would have had a tough time doing it. But never the less it cost me time, stress and aggravation. This is not something a hobby is supposed to be. Quite the opposite, no?

So I made it so that I would never again confront in a public forum a troll or public monster no matter how unfair and untrue they might be. There are other ways far more effective to take out a bad guy behind the scenes and in a manner within the law.

OK. Back to the hobby folks. And keep this little story in mind. As it is I enjoy the forums and the hobby a great deal more these days. In the end I should really thank the guy that tried to sue me.

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