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I guess it depends upon the sheet you are using. Mine is SIG Clear Plastic from Sig Manufacturung. Don't think it is styrene sheet but it may be ABS. Regardless, I use Ambroid liquid cement on the tube stick and fin joints. You really need to jig the parts and give them time to set. The problem is that if/when you apply more adhesive the solvent will penetrate the joint once more and possibly weaken it - so you need to make it right the first time.

I heard of someone using small clear quarter round laid in to the angle to add more glueing surface but I have never tried it.

I also got hold of some clear 2.25 plastic tube from ClearTec. You can slit the tube lengthwise, measure around the BT and cut down for an overlap and then run ambroid liquid or Tenax into it. Sets up really well. I got mine as a sample but I think they have a consumer projects section.
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