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After cursing and finagling the lower roll pattern for a couple of years now, I have (I think) come up with the simple solution. If the model is not built for flight - that is will not receive a slip on can, then it is easier to replicate the prototypical length tunnel on the booster all the way down to the skirt. If the tunnel is left short then there is a mismatch in the diameter of the decal pieces where the intersect with the tunnel. In the past I have had to slit the bar and make a small right angle cut to enable the tunnel to fit into the loose piece. Then I fill the gap with black decal film. I tried simpliying even this by cuttine the bars from the band with about 1mm of stump to align them after the lower band is attached.

If the tunnel carries to the skirt then the "hump" which the decal film has to pass over is consistent along the length of the bar - no need for any surgical intervention on the film. Of course, if you have mirrored tunnels then you will be doing this twice...

On the opic of the bands - there are three sets of white bands which will circle the second stage and booster. The first is a pair immediately below the tan band - if you are building GT-3. To simplify the application of these decals cut the six supplied strips into two pairs and two singlets. The first pair will be applied immediately below the above mentioned band. Once these are aligned and snuggled in leave them alone. Move down the model to the spot for the second pair and apply those as before. Once that is in place, check the upper pair and then make sure that there are no bubbles of creases. If there are gently stroke them until they are flush on the surface.

Move down to the booster and apply the single band below the upper roll pattern. Get this one right since the gap for the United States marking is aligned off of this one. Once all are set and smooth leave the model for about 20 minutes.

Now, the last single band is applied over the middle pair and centered as you apply. The best way is to set one end in the correct centering and slowly turn the airframe to pull the stipe off the backing. This is why you need to leave the decals for twenty minutes. If you pull it off smoothly the center stripe will lay down in the middle of the previously applied band and settle. Be very careful with this one to ensure that you do not pull the underlying decal.
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