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Originally Posted by sandman
Back in the mid 80's you could order a Ford Ranger with a 4 cylinder Perkins Diesel.

I wonder what ever happened with that? Great little motor.

I like the Ford Ranger I had much better than the Chevy S-10 POS I have now.

Well, one thing killing the diesels now is the Teir Four emissions crap... sorry but I ain't driving anything that requires "emissions fluid" unless I'm getting about 70 mpg... MINIMUM! Our school quit buying buses and is just fixing the junkers because they don't want to have to buy the equipment and crap to run new buses since they all use emission fluid now...

The Perkins are good little motors. I've seen a lot of guys swap various four cylinder diesels, usually turbocharged, into pickups, in Farm Show magazine... always interesting stuff. My Dad has always thought that a 3 cylinder diesel in our Ford 2310 tractor would be a good motor in a small or half-ton pickup....

Sadly, the Ranger isn't even being made anymore... what a waste. Guess the move to super-size pickups and SUV's has simply driven them off the road... Chevy's S-10 is now their "midsize" Colorado, but from what I've seen and heard I'm not impressed. My wife had a GMC Sonoma pickup (98 or 99) that was fairly decent, but kinda small.

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