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The last major part of the build is the Saturn 1B reduction wrap.
I printed the reduction wrap on 110 card stock, and let the ink dry, then sprayed a clear coat to protect it.
I cut the reduction wrap out and formed it into a cone shape. When I was satisfied with the reduction shape I glued the connection tab in place on the inside of the reduction wrap seam. I gave the glue tab time to set up. With the glue tab dry, I placed some more glue on the exposed tab and butted the reduction ends together.
I pressed the seam, and let the glue dry.

I printed the service module, cut and applied it to the top of the service module body tube.
I took the reduction wrap and slipped it over the top of the tube and down to the bottom of the tube coupler.
When I was pleased with the fit of the reduction wrap, I glued it to the bottom of the coupler.
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