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Well, it took a while (like, 40 years), but I have my K-41 Mercury-Redstone ready for launch. I stayed up last night assembling parachutes. I replaced the sticky dots with new ones and the shroud lines with new from Semroc, just to be safe. The pictures show the rocket in this morning's blue Texas sky with a close up of the capsule and the 3d printed tower.

A word on the tower: Finishing the tower, I used 30 minute epoxy to coat the entire tower. The epoxy filed the rough print grain perfectly and added considerably to the overall strength. I recommend that you do the epoxy in two parts: do the base and legs in one session and the nozzles and motor in a second session, going slowly to allow you to minimize the runs and drips while the epoxy drys. Don't ask me how I know. Paint was Rustoleum grey filler primer under good, old Testors Flat Red 1230 spray. The cap and ring were hand painted with Testors flat black. Everything, including the paper wraps, got a coat of Rustoleum clear Matte.
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