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Default MarkB.'s Project Thread


I thought I'd start a project thread. I'll still post in Bill E's fabulous eBay Rescue thread but the rest of the projects will be here.

This morning's picture is out on the paint sticks in my backyard waiting for the 92 degree+ sun to come over the mountain and dry the paint. Under all the masking is my Enerjet 1340 clone, the paint is drying on my 1340/20 nose cone and on the right is my Atlas V 541 aeroshroud.

The 1340/20 is dependent on locating another fin can but I have the rest of the parts on the way from eRockets.

The Atlas is only the aeroshroud because apparently I need to measure THRICE before I cut once. I cut the body tube too short and a new BT-58 is in the same eRockets order.

The other two relatively current projects not pictured are a Zooch Saturn V and the last few things on my Enerjet Aero-Dart clone.
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