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A Loadlifter! I built one of those once. As I recall I gave it to someone during one of my periodic clean-outs.

I really like that "Centaur." (Rakish-looking two stager.) I would put it on the list, but I have SO many half-built and unstarted models.

In a box in the storage area are two Jaguars (scratch built), a Starfire, a Scorpion, and a Deep Space Transport, all awaiting finishing.

On the dining room table are the fins from a project I started last year: Two BT-80H based "big light three fin and a nosecone" models. I originally designed them to fly stock certificates for a startup company "launch" that never happened. The fins were big enough to need to be built up from pieces. I just glued basswood strips on the tip edge of the balsa fins. When the weather is better I will sand in the trailing-edge tapers.

I have a Gemini-Titan II (old Estes cluster model) I need to build a new fin unit for, and that needs its need shroud finished.

I have all sorts of things in my back-burner-project box. A Colonial Viper. A Draconian Marauder. A AAA Aerobee. A Mars Lander, which will need all sorts of new parts; I haven't worked on it for at least a decade.

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