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Originally Posted by barone
Okay....not a color question but a build question.....

It appears that if I follow the instructions, the motor extends from the motor tube .5 inches (motor block at 2.25", motor 2.75".

The motor retainer glues onto the exposed portion of motor tube. The lip of the retainer hangs off the end of the motor tube about an 1/8 inch. So, the end of the motor is now about 3/8" beyond the end of the retainer. The threaded part of the retainer cap is 3/8 inch long. So, with the motor installed, the cap sits on the end of the motor and can't screw onto the retainer.

Since it appears at least some of you have bult it, what the heck am I doing wrong?

????? The instructions show using the yellow dummy motor substitute tube to insert the motor block in until 1/4 inch of the spacer tube sticks out. This would, after putting on the threaded retainer, have the motor protruding another 1/8 inch or so. That is how my model works

Screen shots, booster then sustainer motor mounts.
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