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The key to remember with tools such as this forum is that it keeps track of "new posts since your last visit". It does NOT keep track of what your have or have not read.

So if you log in and there are 10 new posts and, without reading anything, log out and then log back in, you will see zero new posts (the number of posts since you logged out seconds ago).

Many times when I see folks wondering what is going on I have discovered that they are often assuming that the forum is keeping track of unread posts, but it isn't.

hope this helps too.

What I often do if I have to leave before I've looked at all the new posts is to do the following:

Assuming you have a window with a list of all the new posts:
- Go to the log out button and WITH YOUR RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON click on it and select "Open in new window"
- This will log you out in the new window but keep your list of new posts intact.
- You can then come back at your leasure (assuming you don't shut your computer doww) and read them (even while logged out).

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