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Maybe so... But the Terribly Run Forum "chuffs" quite a bit... every couple months or so there's some brouhaha, and their moderation policies have NO consistency whatsoever...

I just finally decided, "to h3ll with it"... I don't need the level of pure crap they put out... so I quit. Good riddance to.

YORF is 10 times the forum quality wise that TRF is, without the drama and stupidity. Rocketry Center Forum is also shaping up to be a nice alternative.

For rocket related as well as non-rocketry related "big boy" discussions, there's always "the Sagitta Cantina" forum... not much traffic, but if folks don't use it it'll never gain volume...

Meh, TRF is what it is, but I DEFINITELY have not seen ANY improvements over there; in fact quite the contrary-- with the "cash cow" owners looking to milk it dry, all I see is a growing level of aggravation... I don't need that to have stuff seen by a few more newbies and mouth-breathers... LOL


Later! OL JR
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