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Originally Posted by Earl
One can very much see the Scott Dixon influence a la the Vulcan 'Smokey Sam' black smoke density. Loved those Vulcan motors. Scott did great work on his motors.
The use of zinc lowers the average cost of the propellant and increases the density impulse too. It is an offset to target an ISP as well. I think original smokey sam was about 20% + zinc. I think this Estes motor had closer to <10%.

In addition to the other nice things I have said about the F62 Darkstar, it also had the most precise and consistent total impulse of any model rocket motor ever made. Probably HPR too, despite the scaling advantages.

R5 12/14/93 Contest decertified 7/1/94:
Apogee 1/4A3-2T
Estes A3-2T,6T
Completely decertified 7/1/94:
Estes 1/4A3-2T,4T; 1/2A6-0,4; A3-2T,6T; A8-0; B8-0,7; B14-0,5,7; D11-9
Centuri: 1/4A4-2M,4M; 1/4A4-3M,5M; 1/2A4-3M,5M; 1/2A6-4; A4- 2M,4M,6M; A8-0; B8-0,3,7; B14-0,5,7; C5-0S.
FSI: Any motor manufactured before February, 1987.
SMI: (all) B4-2,4,6.
U.S. Rockets: (all) E6-0,4,8; E10-0,4,8; E25-0,4,8,12; E55-0,5,10,15; F9-0,4,8; F10-0,4,8; F20-0,4,8,12; F80-0,5,10,15,20; G25-0,5,10,15.
Vulcan: E26-5,7,10; G50-7,10,13.
Completely decertified 7/1/95:
Aerotech: D7-0,2,4,8; D8-0,2,4,8,12; E6-0, E10-0,2,4,8; E28-0,4,8,12; E50-0,5,10,15; F9-0,2,4,8; F10-0, F15-0,2,4,8, F20-0,4,8,12; F30-0,4,7,10; F41-0,6,9,14; F44-0; F80-0,5,10,15; G25-0.
NCR: (all) E28-0,4,8,12; E50-0,5,15; F41-0,6,9,14; F75-0,5,10,15,20.
Exemptions not regulations ACHIEVED. U.S. Rockets instaship. Model rocketry is as safe as safe can be defined in human existence. Bow and pray: GH Stine, Orville, Vern, Lee, Lonnie, Carl, etc. No, really. U.S. Rockets released first moonburner Toy Rockets G30, TRA first certified motor: H, invented LMR, HPR, Firestarter, reloadables 1-90, and now . . . ACHIEVED. LDRS-1 I200!!
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