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Originally Posted by dwmzmm
Are you very sure about that?! I'd like a confirmation from Doug Pratt (if possible, not sure
if he's a member of this message server). I would like to also know about the status of many of the great ones of the past (Jon Randolph, Mark Wargo, Scott Lane, Jon Robbins, etc). I had heard that Don Larson was living in Florida. It would be neat if we could have
some type of "reunion" of all the famous of years past...

yep -- message 13137 on ContestRoc:

"From: "shockie" <shockwaveriderz@...>
Date: Wed Sep 14, 2005 4:06 pm
Subject: Re: who invented the slide-wing BG? shockwaveriderz

Well I just got off the phone after speaking to a very-hard-of-
hearing 84 yr old Howard Kuhn. As far as he can remember, he
designed the Buzzard slide-wing RG in mid to late 1971, that why it
appeared in his CMR 1972 catalog which was available in jan 1972.
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