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Originally Posted by gpoehlein
Y'know - that paint scheme (blue fins, white BT and Yellow nose cone) actually makes more sense than any other I've seen (usually red nose) given that cub scout colors are blue and yellow. As far as I'm concerned, that should be the official color scheme and that is what I plan to paint my Akela clone when I build it.

Yes, that paint scheme would certainly match the yellow-and-blue packaging in which the individual and 8-Pack "Model Rocket Derby" (and possibly larger) Akela-1 kits came. I have two basic questions about those colors (from a non-Scout, as I never was but wanted to be one):

[1] Is the "Cub Yellow" the same bright yellow that was (and still is) used on the Piper Cub airplanes? I believe that paint color is also listed as "Cub Yellow."

[2] What is the descriptor for the blue color the Cub Scouts use (a Pantone name or number, etc.)?

In both cases (the yellow and blue), I'd like to find those spray paint colors, or the closest equivalents.

Many thanks in advance!
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