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Default Centuri X-24 "Bug"

HEY! Interestingly enough, this can also go under CARDSTOCK ROCKETRY... But I digress.

I have built a few cones that have kind of glided (glid?). One was just a cone with no fins or triangular bulkhead, the other was a Quest HL-20. Now I have 4 Noses for the X-24 (Mui-Arigatto SEMROC), and the body and fin patterns (Danke Jim Z). I also have a boiler plate model I use for Toss-n-glide testing.

My question is - do any of you'se guys have any real experience with this rocket? Any tricks, tips, or warnings?

My plan is to build one [almost] to the plans and try to get it to glide. Experience tells me to expect a rather steep glide-path, but my flying field is small, so that's a good thing. Then I'll start tinkering to get the best hang-time.

By "Almost" to plan, I mean that I will put the motor in an internal pop-pod with a streamer (NAR friendly), and I'll change to an internal launch lug.

Thanks for any advice (or warnings).

So... Any suggestions/comments/claims that I may be insane?
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