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Default Israeli Shavit

I'm thinking about making a scale model of the Shavit for the Aggressor Aerospace line. I definitely want to model the first successful launch (Ofeq-1) - but the data available (even in "Rockets of the World") is pretty shoddy. From this webpage:

I was able to find several links that claim to be footage of the Ofeq-1 (also spelled Ofek-1) launch. It shows Rockets of the World is right about one thing - the first launch did not have the blue spiral painted around the lower body that have become the trademark of later Shavit launches. Also, there is an IAI logo on the fairing - but maybe some other writing too? Given the timeframe of the launch (1988), I assume IAI was Israel Aircraft Industries, not Israel Aerospace Industries as it is now. So, I'm asking the folks on this forum:

Anybody have an Israel Aircraft Industries logo, electronically? I can find Israel Aerospace Industries, but not the older version.

Anybody able to find a clearer picture of the vehicle? A truly clear photo would be a godsend!

Thanks in advance!
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