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Default Sam-3

Originally Posted by Gus

Gordy and I were together today and we were remarking on just how beautifully you package kits. The artwork is extremely well done, really colorful and enticing. The packaging of your kits is a work of art in itself.


I agree Gus.

Originally Posted by Carl


I enjoyed this one since I drew it in the style of Dr Suess based on a composite of several of his wonderful playgrounds. I knew it had the effect I wanted when Bruce said, "Now that's gay!" and Sheryl said it was cute.

It is nothing like the original Russian SAM, as depicted, but with a repro of the original Centuri decal from Gordy it can be made closer.(
Carl McLawhorn
NAR#4717 L2

Carl, your enthusiasm toward rocketry, and the kits you produce, makes us feel like kids again.

Thanks for what you do.

Jim Forsythe

SAM# 0120
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