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Nice 3D printer! I am also new to 3D printing, but have made many hundreds of parts over the last few months. I suggest you use a printing speed of 50ms. I also noticed some of the PLA filaments I own print better at higher temperatures around 220C, you might try increasing the extruder temperature. I have a small BT-20 nose cone design that I print as a test case (30 minute print time) to check the performance of my printers. What slicing software do you use to generate the files for the 3D printer? CURA? Also you might check if there is any play in the printers X or Y axes. If you find any wobble in the bed or extruder platform you need to adjust the eccentric nut on one of the wheels that rides over the v-slot rail on the sliders to eliminate the play. There are so many settings that it is difficult to adjust everything, but once you get a 3D printer dialed in you are usually good to go for awhile. You should look at things like the "jerk speed" (I use 10ms) and if retractions are enabled. I suggest using a filament retraction before printing outer walls. Take a look at the picture in my post on the Estes Python and you will see the kind of quality you can expect to get from a (cheap $10/kg) PLA filament.
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