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Originally Posted by snuggles
I painted my tanks separately, and did the whole thing in subassemblies. Nothing is glued together yet except the capsule. I'm planning on lining up the seams for all wraps like the instructions.
I'm having a difficult time figuring out the correct masking of the base ring, are we splitting the ring in half for the black????
Apogee's instructions( and Alway's book) have the color demarcation about 1/3 of the tube length.
The Apogee fins are a LOT smaller then Semroc'
Mark T

The Apogee fins are scale, and require either 2 degree cant plus some nose weight, or straight mount plus a bunch of nose weight to be stable. The Estes/Semroc kits do not require nose weight, as they went with larger non-scale fins. Since this is a display model, not a flying one, you could get away with scale fins, but that would be all scratch. The fins we've got might be larger, but with the built-up method of balsa ribs, they look pretty darned nice when done.

On the masking, if you're referring to the BT101 aft tube to which the fins mount, I think the Semroc spec's have the "upper" demarcation about 3/4" below the seam where the fluted shroud joins the BT-101 fin can, but that looks a bit high to me. I shot for the line being the midpoint of the corrugated wrap (wrap #2).
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