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Default April 5 Update

The April 5 update is online. I've noticed that the earlier K kits are bringing strong money of late. Take a look at the Top 10 Expensive Kits table and it becomes evident that demand is there from collectors for the early K kits.

I was able to buy a number of "difficult" if not rare 1980s kits this weekend on eBay for reasonable monies. How many of you have a Magician is your collection? This is a known rare kit that I snagged for about $40. Other purchases included the WASP, Tartar and Nova Scout Ship (also rare). Also picked up a Black Bryant III and a Sky Hi; both for $28 each and was most surprised that no one was paying attention.

On the other hand, there are some high prices being paid for Estes kits that I would consider to be available. Some examples include; Deep Space Transport $50, SuperNova $41 and Titan IIIE $265. This Titan IIIE is already in the high end of the Saturn V pricing space and smashed the old high price of $162 by a wide margin.

Has anyone checked out the thread about Estes K kit collection registry? I really would like company on this concept....I added a Ranger and a Spaceman recently.
Estes kit pricing history and individual kit descriptions at At least a work in progress....
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