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Never mind on the title request.

I already built this YEARS ago and just simmed it today after creating a "good enough" (i.e., not internally detailed perfectly) Rocksim model to approximate flight performance and safety.

Estes 29mm BP motor propelled models can be sluggish off the launch pad because of the slow rise of the thrust curve, so I added pods to the booster to give a decent departure velocity off of a 48" launch rod.

To keep it an FAA Class 1 Model Rocket - no more than 125g of propellant - the booster has a central E16-0 with a C11-3 and C11-5 in the pods (although it's simmed with plugged C11s), and an F15-8 in the sustainer. The pod parachutes eject at different times to hopefully avoid tangling.

The total empty mass and CG for both the sustainer and booster were measured individually and entered manually.

I haven't launched it yet and when I eventually do it will be on a huge launch field in the middle of nowhere at a much greater distance from launch control than required by safety guidelines. The rocket will be positioned on the pad so that an ignition of only one pod will arc the rocket perpendicular to the line from the pad to launch control.
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