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Originally Posted by SolarYellow
Makes sense.

Not trying to make it a point of contention, but the number I remember seeming to be general consensus for safe departure speed is

15 m/sec
=49.2 ft/sec
=33.6 mph
Yep, through a search I've found 30 mph which converts to 45 fps, not found in the NAR or Tripoli safety codes (that I have on hand, anyway), but in a few cases like this one specified for high power flights at the Johnson Space Center:

Other requirements are that a rocket achieve at least 30 mph (45 fps) off the launch guide, and stability margins must be between .75 and 5.0 Calibers

Of course, the greatest factors in the safe departure velocity are crosswinds and stability factors which is why my two stage Majestic managed to go strait up in dead calm air.
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