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I kinda blew the real-time build thing as far as posting goes, but I have made progress.

The first picture shows the central ST-8 core glued. The coupler at the top and the 13mm mount at the other end. I miss-added something somewhere and the engine hook ended up sticking out just a little too far. I always put an expended motor in the mount when I build as it keeps me from bending stuff. Also in view are the BT-58 to ST-8 centering rings. I've drilled six 5/32" holes in the top ring and seven in the bottom ring. I'm going to put the two 1/4" vents on the coupler under a shroud and vent the gasses back down around the core and out the boattail. The vent area of six 5/32" holes exceeds the area of two 1/4" holes. I coated the inside of the shroud with epoxy. Also in the picture is the main body tube with two card stock wraps at the top to represent the slight flare top on the real thing. The top layer sticks out past the top of the body tube and I cut little slits in it to provide surface area for gluing the shroud. For the shroud and top ring, I used epoxy for assembly for heat purposes.

The second picture shows the now assembled top of the stage and the lower portion taking shape. I did not use the ST-115 to ST-8 centering rings. Instead I glued three pieces of 1/8" balsa sticks to the core and slipped the piece of ST-115 over these. In retrospect, this piece is probably unnecessary and could be deleted or shortened to save weight. Again, it has holes drilled to allow the gases to escape out the boattail.

Last picture shows the assembled stage. Note the launch lug slightly visible. I left that off the part list; yes, you need a launch lug glued on top of two pieces of cardstock to get past the wraps at the top. The thing I spent the most time on was those paper fin braces. Like, several hours. The few pictures available are not clear and they are not measured on any of the drawings. So I made two and kept trimming off paper until they looked about right. I guess that's the "art" part of scale rocketry . . . .

I'll seal the fins and the shrouds and paint it white.
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