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Originally Posted by blackshire
That's long been a dream of mine, too--to walk into some old Mom & Pop shop (perhaps just on a whim), and find one or more MMI Aerobee-Hi and/or Arcon kits or starter sets with Rock-A-Chute motors in a box, which the proprietor parts with for just a few bucks because he or she has no idea of its historical significance or worth!

That is like the fantasy of finding a Manual Transmission, 1971 Plymouth 426 Hemi Barracuda convertible ( only 4 ever made with the 4-Speed manual ) , in a barn, with the original window sticker still on it and 3 miles on the odometer.

An old lady comes out, tells you that her son bought it the day he was ordered to leave for Vietnam, never got to drive it, and never came home . . . She then proceeds to sell it to you for the original sticker price of $ 4500 .

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