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We are releasing the ninth update to the Flight Logs Access database software. This version has no new updates and is considered a bug release. It should still be considered ALPHA level software and not for use in a production environment. It corrects the following issues:
  • The first issue occurs with the Access Trusted Location. This is experienced when you installed the database but it wouldn't open. The error message would have indicated that the database table was linked to the previous database path.
  • The second update occurs during the boot process and the display of the Main Menu. A black dialog box with a yellow triangle icon is displayed, but no text is visible. This error was associated with the custom icon option in preferences. This has also been corrected.
  • The MESS Report would report an error if no records were available.
  • NARTREK reports could be activated before any personnel were entered into the database.
  • Several reports would display an error message if no data was present.
  • Removed erroneous default data from the launch sites table and the 3D printer tables.
This version of the database is being release while work continues on several programming areas and user documentation. There are no new features in this update.

The updates can be found at
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