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Originally Posted by DaveR
There seems to be a discrepancy in the name on this design:

The header says "Sunbird" but the first image in the attachment shows "Starbird" as the name of the rocket.
There is an entry in the catalog for Sunbird but not one for Starbird. Just a goof or are there 2 separate designs that perhaps were mixed up?

The model is named "Sunbird", and the error is mine. There may be a "Starbird", or "Star Bird" somewhere in the patch, but it will take some digging and poking. At some point between the original concept and the final post of the file, I changed the name and forgot about it. I apparently so very forgot about it that I forgot I had named it in the file itself...

Addendum: I could also have forgotten the name should have been Starbird, and just made yet another goof above...

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