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Red face

Originally Posted by ghrocketman
2500g is NOT 5.5oz.
2500g is about 5 POUNDS.
Something is WAY out of WHACK with those calibration instructions.

It's most likely that my memory is out of whack.

Let me see. From "Calibrating the Scale."

"1. To Calibrate, or balance, Scale, press CAL for three seconds. Once the display shows "CAL", stop pressing button.

2. Press CAL button again. Place an item that weighs exactly 5.5 lb. (2500 G) on scale. Press CAL button again. The display will show "0". Keep the item on the platform.

3. Place another item weighing 5.5 lb. on platform. Press CAL again. The display will show "ACC", meaning the Scale is successfully calibrated."

Yep, it looks like I need to calibrate my memory. Hmm...

Good catch, GH!

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