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Originally Posted by ghrocketman
Cool Hand Luke is a great one.
I like most all Steve McQueen flicks also.
ALL James Bond films except the AWFUL Pierce Brosnan ones; I have all of them on DVD.
Sean Connery Bond films are the best, very closely followed by Daniel Craig.
Top Gun is a good one too.
Downhill Racer with Robert Redford.
For "garbage" flicks, Reform School Girls and Dr. Butcher, Medical Deviant, AKA "Zombie Holocaust".
Most Lee Van Cleef Westerns.

Rounders with Matt Damon, Edward Norton, Martin Landau, and John Malkovich as Teddy KGB.
I have no idea who the WET BLANKET/BUZZ KILL chick was in that movie, but her character SUCKED.

Do you mean Gretchen Mol? Disregarding her, Rounders was a good movie.
I did like her movie "The Thirteenth Floor"

My favorite actors are:

Gene Hackman
Paul Newman
Sean Connery
Steve McQueen
Tommy Lee Jones
Harrison Ford

I've probably seen everything thing each of them have been in. Sidebar, Gene Hackman and Tommy Lee Jones were in "The Package"
So many movies I've seen, enjoyed most of them, I think I've seen every movie mentioned in this thread.
I'd love to see "Logan's Run" remade now. Michael York could do Peter Ustinov' s role now. "The Shining" should NEVER be remade, though it's fascinating to watch the YouTube Deepfake clips from it with Jim Carrey's face on Jack Nicholson
Fred Astaire's last movie was "Ghost Story", with a young Alice Krige.
I could go on for hours about movies lol
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