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Now you are going to place your wrap on the body tube.

Align the top of your wrap so the top edge of the wrap is right at the top edge of the tube with your tic marks aligned. In the first photo below I show the top edge of the wrap slightly down from the top edge, just to illustrate aligning the marks. Honestly, when you put the top edge of the wrap at the top of the tube it usually covers up the upper tic mark. So I usually extend the tic marks on the top and bottom of the tube out onto the upper and lower edge of the tube.

While aligning the top edge I try to hold the lower edge up off the tube. Once I have the top edge aligned, I pinch that end between my thumb and forefinger and pivot the wrap so the bottom end is precisely aligned. I then pinch that end down and recheck the top. If everything is still precisely aligned, I then start in the middle of the wrap and press the exposed strip into place working my way first toward one edge, then back from the middle out to the other edge (pic 3).
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