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Originally Posted by A Fish Named Wallyum
CRAIG!!!! Good to hear from you. I was wondering about what happened to you a couple of weeks back. Can't remember why, but I can't remember breakfast, either.

Breakfast around here consists of opening a box, shoving a biscuit in the nuker, and grabbing a cup of coffee. Wash and repeat. Ad nausium...

And as for those "stick -n- tissue" models I started working on, the 'new' house doesn't have enough room to work on them, much less store them. I've kinda stopped doing anything with them, too. Moved back over to an occasional plastic car or plane, just to have something to do. Bought myself an airbrush to play with - an Iwata NEO (made for, not by, Iwata...). Nice $100 brush for $50 at Hobby Lobby...

Been thinking about getting back to something rocket-y for a while. Creative juices and such...

Originally Posted by Tau Zero
And I quit dinking around with RockSim about five years ago after our successful unmanned test launch over the Snake River Canyon.

Been wondering how far the program has been updated since I dropped out back then - what, 10 years ago? Last I recall, we were still having to 'fudge' some pretty basic ideas to get our designs to behave.

Good to know there's still some activity in rocketry. Down here in Mobile, the LHS owner says the RC aviation side of things has pretty well dried up, business-wise, what with all the gov regs being imposed.

I'll try to keep more of an eye on this forum. Maybe I'll even get back into getting off my bum and doing something...
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