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Originally Posted by Gus

Wow, great looking model!

I wasn't familiar with this one. Very simple design but a really interesting decal set and final look.

Great job, as usual.


Thanks for the kind words Steve. The decal set Sandman made for this model are what really finishes the model. Without the decals could probably be mistaken at a distance for the Centurion but I like the scientific look of X-16 decals and mission symbols.

Originally Posted by sandman
I worked really hard on those decals and ya know what....

I had no idea what the rocket looked like. I can't honestly say I ever saw that model before.

Great job, I like it!

I may have to build one.

I remember you labored over getting those decals right and they look great!

I remember seeing the Centuri Power System in the Centuri catalog when I was flying with the rocket club at my high school. Never owned it or saw it in the wild. I'm not sure a color picture of the finished model is available in literature so I had to refer to the Power Systems Handbook for finishing. In the "before you assemble" reference it is noted to use white spray enamel and red spray enamel.

I cheated ..... I used Valspar white and red lacquer from Home Depot.

For reference:

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