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Originally Posted by Stargate
Hi Steve,
Well here goes, my first post on this forum.
It's interesting reading about some of the OOP rocketry items I sold to you and so many others over the years.
Believe it or not, I still have some SSRS rocket kits, and some early ACE Rocket kits that I will likely part with.
Have some original SSRS rocket motors still in original packaging, I believe.
I'm hoping to make available to the Ye Old Rocket Form, all Composite Dynamics Rocket kit plans, fin patterns, as well as some of my Stargate Rocket Systems kits that I designed.

Cheers from Canada.
Larry Broadbent

Hey Larry,

Good to see you here on YORF! We exchanged a few emails back in 01 - 02.
re Enerjet, SSRS etc. Any plans you have to post would be most welcome,
along with a chance to bid on whatever kits you may want to sell/auction off! (See one of my earlier posts...)

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