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Originally Posted by Stargate
Hi Steve,
Well here goes, my first post on this forum.
It's interesting reading about some of the OOP rocketry items I sold to you and so many others over the years.
Believe it or not, I still have some SSRS rocket kits, and some early ACE Rocket kits that I will likely part with.
Have some original SSRS rocket motors still in original packaging, I believe.
I'm hoping to make available to the Ye Old Rocket Form, all Composite Dynamics Rocket kit plans, fin patterns, as well as some of my Stargate Rocket Systems kits that I designed.

Cheers from Canada.
Larry Broadbent

Well certainly good to hear from you Larry and welcome to the forum. Like Sean I'm interested in some of the SSRS rocket kits or plans should you decide to let go of those. I purchased several of your kits and the Stargate booster for a 2250 reduced size clone.

First composite motors I flew were SSRS/Crown and the Lasor series kits that I purchased through the mail order from them so great memories of those. I also still have this Lasor clone with hardwood nosecone I fly with F and G motors at our HPR field every once in a while with a streamer.

Great to hear from you. All my purchases and dealings with you in the past were great and you helped me clone models that at the time would have been very difficult without the parts you sold me.

Steve Naquin
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