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Originally Posted by dvmanning
The model was a fun build, but I did change a few things:
1 The .020 Styrene plastic that was suggested in the drawings for the air intakes , kept breaking down the center. After making several sets of the parts, I decided to try something else. I ended up cutting a #BT20 Body tube in half and transferring the cowling pattern to it. It worked much better.
2. When I glued the BT20 halves to the side of the main tube, I used rubber bands to hold them in place. When I came back to the model to continue working on it, I discovered that the force of the rubber bands had pulled the center in creating a concave shape. See attached image of build.

Have a background in aeronautical technology and having been a modeler for many years,, I decided to leave it be and see how it would affect the flight. I am almost 65 this month. [IMG]

SAM # 0455

Cool... how to do a "wasp waist" design without really trying... (or meaning to... LOL)

Later! OL JR
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