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Default Exeter Shuttle

Originally Posted by dlazarus6660
This has an F-104 Starfighter look/feel to it.

After viewing an image of the F-104 Starfighter , there are a few similarities showing in the Exeter. Since the winter yields a much more stable atmosphere than in the Summer, I am looking forward to a calm day that is decent enough to launch the Exeter Shuttle. I will be able to record 10 data points of each flight by using the Jolly Logic Altimeter Two that I have purchased and is being shipped to me at this time. I will be using the Estes A8-3, B6-4 and C6-5 Engines . This Spring, Summer and Fall I will record the data points of each launch with the same engines and then compare the data. Since the different seasons tend to experience different air densities, I would assume the 10 data points will yield different results.
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