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Originally Posted by Woody's Workshop
I just have to step in here at this point.
Garry's list is a great wa for everyone to set standards by to sell, or buy.
As a collector myself, I feel that rocket kit is only worth so much to me.
However, in the past months many rocket kits have sold for a lot less than should have on ebay, while others are sold far more than they should be.
It's a shame that as a collector we have to bid against people that often buy just to double the price for resale.
Since George G. had a problem with a certain person on ebay, I took it upon myself as I had been following his actions on ebay myself.
He buys open damaged kits, replace damaged parts with new and list the opened package at or above pristine unopened packaged price.
I tried to bid on one of his offerings after I recieved his ill manered childish reply, but he obviously had blocked me from sending any more messages or bidding.
This being said, since then, he is know to be monitored by the rocket community.
Last week, a new bidder appeared. Yesterday, Goodrocks1 had the same 5 rockets up for sale at outrageous starting bids on the same rockets that was one by this new bidder.
I can only assume the Mr. Wong has opened a new account for buying only.
I do not sell on ebay, I only buy as I'm a collector.
It's a shame that we true hearted collectors have to put up with people such as this to bid against. His buying account has 5 credits to his name.
Since ebay doesn't let you see the winning bidders true ebay name, you have to follow him buy his credits. And since his buying account will never show up, you will never know it.
He is one that takes advantage of people in every way possible in the rocket community.
I will try and keep everyone updated on his buying account credit list as I see things bought and offered on his Goodrocks1 selling account.
I would urge anyone selling to reject any offers by his buying account, from Millbury, MASS.
And not to buy anything from him.
He is a menace to us collectors I hope he has to store what he buys for years to come and looses his ass when he finially sells at a reasonable price.
In the last 2 weeks, the only thing he as accepted an offer for was the one that he listes as, "Eaten by my dog". Which is the one I tried to Buy it Now for when I discovered he had blocked me. His loss, as he obviously took a lesser offer.
So I hope the Mr. Fortin does not use any of his auctions as a part of his data base as Goodrocks1 is an obviously not a collector, but a manipulater of profit.
I put him in the category with Wall Street and the Bankers that us tax payers will be paying for, for generations to come.
We must stop this evil at it's soarce before it pulls in the everyone thinking they can be like him and take advantage of us collectors.
Happy bidding all, and don't step on my Ivy while bidding.

He bought a number of Opened K Kits from me 3+ Yrs. ago incomplete, he STILL Lists Today. Made me send the missing LAINCH LUGS, etc or threatened me w/Neg feedback. Kits were listed as Incomplete. He put a Green Skill Hangtag on a yellow K Kit ! BEWARE OF ROCKS !
Always give a stranger a chance, or he will forever remain, a stranger
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