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Originally Posted by aeppel_cpm
So, I'm working on painting plans for my sport scale Ute Tomahawk / Big Daddy-Ventris-Argent kitbash.

I'm working from the brochure that the attached image came from.

I've scoured the web and the other forum (including all the Nike Tomahawk photos upload by High Visibility Dave) and have some thoughts/questions:

1) Do folks think this round was even painted? Is it all bare metal? If so, why are the Ute fins a different shade from the Tomahawk fins. Could the Ute be the white/black/red theme seen on at least one display N-T?
2) Was the Thiokol logo ever painted on the tomahawk motor - like it was on at least the Keweenaw Range Apaches?
3) Does anyone have photos of a Tomahawk with the 12" payload bay? I'm prepping to fly with either payload - even though the fins are slightly bigger on the 12" version. That's one reason I'm calling it 'sport' scale :-)

Mark Bundick, who posts here fairly frequently, modeled this vehicle back in the mid-70s for a NARAM (maybe NARAM-17 in Orlando). I seem to remember a photo of him in one of the Centuri "Rocket Times" issues from 1976 holding the model in his hands.

Maybe he can chime in and provide some details.

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