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Originally Posted by Earl
Mark Bundick, who posts here fairly frequently, modeled this vehicle back in the mid-70s for a NARAM (maybe NARAM-17 in Orlando). I seem to remember a photo of him in one of the Centuri "Rocket Times" issues from 1976 holding the model in his hands.

You have a good memory, Earl!

The Ute-Tomahawk was indeed flown by the Bundick-Justis Team at NARAM-17 in Orlando. It was built by my teammate, Rob Justis. His dad got drawings and photo of the prototype for us. Sadly, I don't have that data, but will check with Rob to see if he does.

My recollection of the model was that the boosters were a mixture of gray tone. There was a script Thiokol on the Ute, but don't hold me to that. The payload was a mixture of silver colors, typical of Wallops payloads back in the day.

I'll let folks here know what I find out from Rob.
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