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Originally Posted by tbzep
Tango Papa - often busy flying real jets
Stickershock - vinyl
Do it yourself - can't print white or metallic, and using white decal paper sucks
Sandman - not printing but has a few decals leftover

If you peek at the Cantina, he is playing with screenprinting, but nothing is available.


Iíve done Stickershock down to BT-60, and would probably go smaller, even down to BT-50. At BT-60 they look great, and not too thick. On smaller models they might look too thick. Iíd recommend anyone wanting to use them on smaller rockets just contact Mark Hayes and he can advise. His website has some great pictures of his work.

Iíve posted this before, but here is my Estes STM-012 that I bashed into a bigger version of a Bandit (sort of). I had Mark upscale the Bandit decals from BT-55 to BT-60.

Finally, perhaps Gord will chime in, but I thought he could print black-only decals, so decals like Goblin decals perhaps could be done.
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