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Originally Posted by aeppel_cpm
Nike Tomahawk-12 on the pad.

Nike Tomahawk-12 in the air.
Staging done by an Eggtimer Proton timing from burnout. A great option.
CTI H295SS to CTI H53MY. 4 seconds of sustained goodness.

Well, that was a great boost and nice flight!

Does your tracking software (screen grab you shown) provide GPS coordinates at the point of touchdown? Even if not, you've got a pretty good pinpoint of where she came down. Hopefully, some additional searching will do the trick.

Yeah, above about 2500' feet or so, rockets this size tend to disappear. Even with larger rockets and more 'visual' help (mylar streamers, etc.), various sun angles and atmospheric conditions can render visual location efforts woefully lacking. Still, its fun watching nice two-stagers like this one hit the giddy-up gear and scoot!

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