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Originally Posted by John Brohm
I appreciate the kind and gracious comments.

And thank you for your NARAM questions. I'd be remiss if I didn't call out a number of the many excellent models that made their way to the judge's table this year. Chad Ring with his Black Brant X, Chris Flanigan with his Indian PSLV, Vern Richardson with a very well done Saturn V, The Royal Rocketeers with their finely finished three stage Black Brant XII, Escape Velocity (Mark, Al and Buzz) with their superb clustered and staged WASP, and a very large and well done MLAS by the Pod Bay Doors. There were others as well, too numerous for me to recall. If you like Scale, and you like subject diversity, then NARAM is a great place to visit. And it can only get better with more participation.

Our Javelin flew all three stages, boosting on an F50 and then staging to a C11, and then a final C11. RockSim projected about 1600', and I think the model got all of that. What was great about the AMA IAC was its size and condition; this, combined with just some superb flying weather Saturday AM, provided a perfect venue to fly a multi-stage vehicle, actually see each of the staging events, while leaving one with some confidence in full recovery of all three stages.

Returning to the build thread, I'll say that the Javelin project has been a lot of fun for me, and it's certainly presented its fair share of challenges along the way. I'm hopeful that the various approaches and problem solutions discussed in the articles have been of interest. As time permits, I'd still like to share my approach to the 1st stage Honest John booster, and that complicated adapter transition that mates the booster to the 2nd stage.


Thanks for your posts on this project and sharing the details of how you tackled some of the more difficult fabrication chores. Your approaches to these tasks, as outlined in your linked write-ups, brings to my mind two words: surgical precision.

ANYTHING else you are willing to share with us here woikd be GREATLY appreciated. It would be wonderfully appreciated if, at your convenience, you can post a few more closeup photos of the details on this model. Just love the fine details that have been reproduced for this model.

Congrats for completing an inspiring project.

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